Friday, September 23, 2016

Mini Moon Eclipse Quilt

One of the quilts I have made recently is my absolute favorite. Simple in design (unless you count curved edges!), but BIG on impact, this quilt is inspired by last winter's full lunar eclipse.

Eclipse Mini Quilt - 18" x 18"
It's one of the only quilts I am keeping for myself, and will be hung in a place of honor above my bed.

I used Lizzy House constellation fabric, and some lovely yarn dye for the exterior and eclipse portions. It was a math challenge to figure out the curves (and it took me a few tries!) but I finally made a pattern that sewed together nice and flat.

I'm also linking up to the Fall 2016 Blogger's Quilt Festival, go check out some amazing inspiration there!


cassandra said...

Beautiful! I'm a moon girl, too.

kim leavens said...

Awesome,,love these colors!!

kim leavens said...

Awesome,,love these colors!!

Carrie Bee said...

Love love love! Moons and yellow = awesome! Thank you for entering it so I was able to see it.

Lena Pugacheva said...

Wonderful how the change of quilting thread emphasizes the eclipse effect!

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

It just goes to show how a simple design can be so effective, and I agree with Lena, the quilting is perfect.

Karen L R said...

Well done, June!

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