Thursday, June 16, 2016

Send me a Love Letter

There is a wonderful thing about being able to do something you love on an on-going basis. You learn. Lots. Often. And you can file away what you've learned and use it... whenever the inspiration strikes.

 I have been very interested in learning graphic design this past year. I took a basic intro to Illustrator class. I read, browse the web, and practice ideas I come up with for hand lettering, greeting cards, water color based images, and various other design related activities.

And what better way to incorporate the things I've learned than to put them to fabric??

So this little wall hanging came into being. Incorporating basic design elements and hand lettering on my design substrate of choice:

Send a love letter - 16" x 16"

I've used this technique before. Way back in 2012, with my Literary Baby Quilt. I love this technique, of using a walking foot for straight line quilting and switching mid-way to an open-toe free-motion quilting foot to do the letters. It's a wonderful way to highlight words in threads.

This piece will be part of my upcoming quilt show, and part of my preparation has been photographing all my pieces. It has been quite an adventure, running around town getting the right shots. This one was a no brainer for me, using the side of a Post Office box made perfect sense, and I'm very happy with how the image turned out.


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