Monday, May 23, 2016

Quilt Show Money Shot

Photographing my quilt collection for my upcoming show has been a long and drawn-out saga.

I tried to hire a couple of amateur photographers, but scheduling conflicts made that too difficult.

So... I'm lucky enough to have a husband and daughter who are willing to stand behind my "floating" quilts in remarkably uncomfortable positions so that I can (quickly!) take a few snaps with my phone.

This one, taken during a break in a very rainy day, turned out to be the best shot in the bunch. It's of my Math Class quilt, made from a custom fabric bundle I put together for Nido

Math Class Quilt - Pattern by me, 33" x 42"

I have at least 3 more quilts to photograph, just waiting for the right day and weather to get something just as spectacular as this one.


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