Thursday, May 19, 2016

Playground Quilt

One of the quilts I've made for my upcoming show I like to call the Playground Quilt because of how colorful and fun it is. It has great motion about it due to the curved lines, and it just makes me think of running around with friends, playing tag and laughing our heads off.

Another challenge I gave myself with this quilt (besides the size of the thing, and curved piecing) was to use ONLY fabric that I already owned. This is always challenging, because it's fun to buy new fabrics for new projects.

In the end, I was quite successful. I had lots of fat quarters and half yards left over from another big quilt I finished this year and in all it worked out to this beautiful color combination. I used a rainbow palette for the back as well - piecing together large fat eighths of shot cottons.

Pattern: Bubble Plus by Felice Regina. Finished size approx 64" x 75"


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