Thursday, May 5, 2016

Little Zippys, Singapore Style!

I apologize for being stupendously erratic about posting! I hope my readership out there will appreciate several posts that I have lined up for the next few days.

First up... Singapore Little Zippy's! I love love love Noodle-head's pattern for little zip pouches, and use it often for gifts.

This batch is particularly special, because I used fabric that I purchased while on vacation in Singapore! We are lucky enough to have family there, so we try to visit every couple of years. It's a truly incredible place to travel to, so if you ever have the opportunity I highly recommend it.

My favorite fabric shop in Singapore is Malin Textile, in Chinatown. All the fabric shops I've seen in the city are SO different than in the states. For one, you won't find bolts of fabric - all the fabric is on the roll. This is nice because no creases! There is a great selection of Japanese imports, but unfortunately the prices are not much lower than here is the US. I was lucky to get these elephants in FQ form, on sale. I knew I'd be turning them into zip pouches with fun color zippers. Here you can also see me and my girls browsing the fabric selection at Malin. We enjoyed it so much!


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