Sunday, September 15, 2013

A new Headshot

One thing on my to-do list this weekend was some quilt picture taking, and some time to take a new headshot.

Keith is not the most patient of photographers but he indulged some semi okay pictures over the course of an hour or so. Did you know that towing two kids along on your projects inevitably makes them take longer? Well, it does :)

So after some mediocre images of myself, I decided to ask my seven year old Lili to take a few. All I said to her is "make sure I look like Mommy, and then take the picture". Meaning... make sure I look like myself.

And she did it! In two snaps no less.

I guess that goes to show I am most comfortable when seen through her eyes.

And now I have a decent headshot that is not 3.5 years old in the winter with my glasses on!


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