Monday, August 5, 2013

Stash Match! Go play!

Have you guys seen the Stash Match Game put on by Ali over at asquaredw? So. Much. Fun. Well, maybe I just think so because I love puzzles. And I love fabric. And I love discovering fun new sewing blogs.

The concept is simple! Match the stash to the blogger, and win some awesome fabric!


Oh yeah, and I'm a participating blogger this month, so go see if you can figure out which stack is mine :)... This month's inspiration fabric was soooo tricky for me to pick from. It read very neutral to me and if you know me at all you know that I live on bright fabrics. Fun colors. Lots of prints. This inspiration photo was all solids. Holy cow. I was stumped until I looked at each color in the inspiration photo individually. Then I was able to pick away from my stash and build a pretty fun bundle.

And okay, I know some of you are here for a hint ;)... If I haven't given you enough information in the above paragraph, here is the hint: if you look closely at my bundle photo, you will see that one of the prints is clearly right side up, and one of the prints is clearly upside down.

But before you leave, go check out some of the stuff I have made. Pin a few things, maybe you even want to start following :)


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