Thursday, March 28, 2013

March = Motivation

I can't lie. It's been a phenomenal month for my business. It seems as though with spring weather, comes more motivation to get out there and do things.

 - A local store contacted me to sell my VTLove shirts for kids.
 - which prompted me to approach another local store to see if they'd like to carry some of my bags, and quilts. And they DO!

- I'm currently working on a wedding quilt for a friend. It's been an ongoing inspiration as we collaborate on the design process.

- And I won the palette contest at Intrepid Thread!

The fabric bundle, named for my blog (Junebug), is being sold in Half Yard and FQ bundles in Julie's store! Very exciting. Go order one for yourself :)


teri/craktpot said...

Hey June! Congrats on all accounts! Isn't it exciting to be motivated like this?

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