Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fabric mail and WIP

Getting fabric in the mail is such a joy. Today I got a lovely package from Jona&Lili in Germany:
Isn't that bunting card wonderful? I just love it. And the two prints in front - the puffballs and branches - are my favorite of the bunch. Great colors in this fabric!

I am also embarking on a relatively ambitious WIP... I've pulled fabric to make a Princess and the Pea quilt, using Heather Ross for Spoonflower fabric. I was surprised to discover I have plenty in my stash for this quilt (which will be toddler sized). The challenge in this one is that it will be relatively "improv", and of my own designs. It will be interesting to see if I can get all my measurements to flow together. I hope to start sewing tonight, but probably just cutting...


Sandra F said...

Love that bunting card. Will you please bring it to gymnastics on Monday so I can see it in person? Lucky you!

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