Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pin it to Win it? Genius!!!

All right people, Fresh Squeezed Fabric on Etsy is having the most genius marketing campaign... "Pin it to Win it!"

So here's the deal... If you repin my link below, I can win a fabric bundle.  You can enter too, and I'll pin yours.  I'll pin you if you pin me. :)

Here's my Pin, please click and Re-pin:

Click on this link below and hit repin, if you use Pinterest.  I didn't choose a lofty goal, a small FQ bundle of Oh Deer:

And, if you're interested in trying to get your own bundle, the details are here:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Literary Baby Quilt

Here's the finished whole cloth baby quilt! I'm calling it "Literary Baby" because it's all book related :). In my mind, this fabric was always intended to be a whole cloth quilt. I bought it from Connecting Threads - it's from a collection called "Bookish" by Jeni Calo.

I've mentioned Connecting Threads before, and I have to say I'm a really big fan. I think the prints are great quality and they have some really nice modern prints. Like the one I used here :)... I do have to say, though, that I have'nt been too impressed with the quality of their solids. They seem thin, stiff, and I've found flaws in the weaving that were pretty blatant. My fave solids are Moda Bella, and I'll always reach for a Kona because I know I can count on them.

Anyway! Back to the quilt... My first attempt at free motion! The quilting is basically straight line quilting (you know me - it's quick and easy), but within each line I've added a free-motion cursive word. It was fun to do - I drew the lines and words with disappearing ink, then I started out the line with my open toed walking foot... when I got to the word I switched to an open toe free motion foot and did the word... then switched back to the walking foot for the rest of the line. No thread interruptions!

I used "literary" words, like.... "books", "library", "knowledge", "fiction"... you get the idea.

You can see that the front of the quilt is really calm. Muted colors, nothing crazy. But then flip to the back! I picked a brighter print... Library Due Date stamps! It's from the same line of fabric, so go check out Connecting Threads if you're interested in a different place to score some great prints!

If you're interested in purchasing this quilt, I've listed it in my Etsy Shop!

linking to: Canoe Ridge Creations

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Need it? Nah, but... (stash it!)

Let's all admit... there's a big difference between "need" and "want", right?! Well, let's just say that it's been awhile since I succumbed to my whims and desires while shopping for fabric :) I had a BIG shopping list for Jo-Ann fabrics today, including a bunch of basics like pillow forms, muslin, and basic linen. I knew there were also some prints I'd like to pick up, like the DS grey polka dots. And I also knew that I've been a little stressed, and when I'm stressed... I like to shop.

So here's what I ended up with:

I did pretty well. Controlled myself. I left at least 3 prints behind that I have fallen for more than once. And I left with these: a beautiful jewel toned print that I think I'll turn into a 241 tote along with the solid berry in the middle. A neat Orla Kiely inspired print in poppy pink and red, and some DS navy berries.

Do you guys only shop for "designer" fabric, or do you love perusing the aisles and aisles at your local chain fabric store? I'm no fabric snob, I love going to JoAnn's :)... Besides, you can often find some great designer fabrics hidden in there - I've gotten some great Michael Miller prints, and other people have even scored some Heather Ross in the bargain bins!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A New Noodlehead pattern!

Yay! I can finally post about this beautiful bag :) Anna over at Noodle-head.com has come up with yet another wonderful bag pattern, and I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester/editor for her again. As you all may know, I am a huge fan of Noodle-head patterns for their curvy lines and wonderful, clear directions. I think a person can become a very versed and accomplished bag maker just by working through her tutorials and patterns.

Her new pattern, the Sidekick tote, is great for many reasons: it has a recessed zipper (few bag patterns out there do, so this is a great feature!), two sizes, two pocket options, and instructions for an adjustable strap. These touches all make for a great bag, and also make good skills to learn.

This is my version... I used some of my dad's old Brooks Brothers wool gabardine pants, and they made for a gorgeous bag. Wonderful fall/winter material!

I used Liz Scott's Sugar Pop flower buds for Moda for the lining of pockets, and Michael Miller Mod Prints French Roast in Gray for the outside pocket. I have my cousin to thank for that print - she picked it out for some new pillows for her apartment :)

I'm really happy to have taken the plunge into adjustable straps. I know they aren't so hard, especially for a MechE like me, but for some reason I was just not interested in tackling them until now. I've put them into another bag since this, and I think I'm a convert. They're easy to do, and really make a bag more versatile.

So hop on over to get a look at the pattern info, and maybe even buy a copy for you to make!

Monday, September 17, 2012

A little tidbit

A little tidbit of a quilt I'm working on... It's a whole cloth baby quilt with my first attempt at free motion - words!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Easy Apple Dumplings

It's apple season around here, and that means a plethora of apples... So while making some traditional egg rolls, I decided to make some apple dumpling egg rolls too! Yummy fried, caramelized goodness...

Shred some apples, and add cinnamon and sugar:

Wrap them up into prebought egg roll wraps:

Pan fry:

Cool down:

ENJOY! (dust with powdered sugar if you want them to look prettier)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mantra of the Day

"It's good to be busy"... I keep repeating that to myself as I spend the hour working through our calendar of:

run schedule to prep for half marathon
gymnastics classes
soccer practice
visits to or from Maine
order dates
craft shows
biking trips
birthday parties

I'd post you a picture, but I don't *really* want you to know the specifics!

Suffice to say. It's busy around here. That's a good thing, but occasionally I panic thinking there's not. enough. time. for. everything! And then I take a breath. And then I remember that my toddler is no longer napping. And then I take another breath. And I think... "It's good to be busy."

Hope you are too!