Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Toddler Dress

90+ degree days in June don't really motivate for quilting. But they DO motivate for making some summer clothes. I'm not very versed in clothing, but Mira has a dress she loves that is made of a cool cotton lawn, and I went ahead and tried to replicate it. I was pretty successful. It's lucky that two year old bodies are very forgiving to strange shaped clothing. Mira can look cute in pretty much anything.

I bought this fabric from JoAnn's "Prairie Girl" line last summer, intending to make it into a tunic for myself. As my friend Rachel says... she's glad I didn't. Apparently the fabric is too little girly.

I put an invisible zip in along the back, and it's successfully been worn once, though not yet washed!

It passed the wearability test, and the cuteness test...

Now to see if I'm brave enough to tackle a dress for myself!


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