Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm here, and someone else is sewing :)

Well hey there! Yes. I know I have been seriously lacking in the posting department lately, but that is life. Spring brings a busier time for us, and I've been sewing less and living more. Not that sewing isn't living, but you know. Plus most of the sewing I have been doing has been less than exciting. Plus I don't really feel like breaking out the camera for any sewing related photos so maybe I can chalk it up to laziness. Whatever the reason, it is OK with me. But I have been looking through my flickr groups recently, and even though I didn't participate in the latest round of the Pretty Little Pouch swap, I still like to look at the results. And look! Someone made a beautiful pouch from my Cathedral Window pouch tutorial!

The creator blogs at Dashasel Sews, and I think she did a wonderful job on her pouch. The lines are so straight, and the fabric she chose to showcase is so cute.

It makes me really happy and proud to see one of my designs out there in the world.


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