Thursday, May 31, 2012

the Little Things

Today, it's about the little things...

clean, shiny glass...

Growing pea shoots...

And cooking them into Keith's favorite dish ever!

For more info on how to grow pea shoots, see this blog.

I found bags of whole dried peas in my dried beans section of Hannaford. Along with the split peas. But split peas won't grow you anything, so make sure to buy the whole green peas.

After you trim them, stir fry with some olive oil, garlic, and sesame oil for the best sauteed greens EVER. You're welcome :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Totally Surprised!

Is it possible to expect to be surprised? I just found out that my rounded corner elephant baby quilt is a finalist in the blogger's quilt festival!

I'm very very happy about this. Do you know why? Because I had hoped, expected, wished to be nominated in the baby quilt category, but I wasn't.

But there are lots of categories, and imagine my surprise to be nominated for the "Favorite Home Machine Quilted Quilt". Really I am so excited to be in a great group of nominated quilts. You really have to go check them out, and go vote for your favorites!

Amy's Creative Side

Friday, May 18, 2012

Summertime Baby Quilt

I have made a quilt in possibly record time!

My Local Quilt Shop had their grand re-opening this weekend, in a new and beautiful space. Keith graciously let me go to it early (part of a Mother's day weekend for me, I think), and at the last minute I spotted this adorable elephant print from the 1,2,3, Play with me collection by Stofe of Denmark. I'd never seen it before, and the colors in it are playful without being super baby-ish.

I immediately got to work on a quilt top, and finished it off last night!

I added lots of polkadot blenders and rounded the corners to help soften the rigidity of the straight lines. A lot like my solids mini, I seem to like some juxtapositioing in my sewing :)

I backed it with one continuous peice of a DS Quilts grey polkadot which I just LOVE for its modern simplicity and for it's beautiful satiny sheen.

Of course I also added one of my new (woven!) labels.

 Lastly, bound in another coordinating Stofe print from the same 1, 2, 3, Play with me line.

A bright, fun baby quilt perfect for ushering in the summertime!

Finished quilt size approx 44" x 54"

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm here, and someone else is sewing :)

Well hey there! Yes. I know I have been seriously lacking in the posting department lately, but that is life. Spring brings a busier time for us, and I've been sewing less and living more. Not that sewing isn't living, but you know. Plus most of the sewing I have been doing has been less than exciting. Plus I don't really feel like breaking out the camera for any sewing related photos so maybe I can chalk it up to laziness. Whatever the reason, it is OK with me. But I have been looking through my flickr groups recently, and even though I didn't participate in the latest round of the Pretty Little Pouch swap, I still like to look at the results. And look! Someone made a beautiful pouch from my Cathedral Window pouch tutorial!

The creator blogs at Dashasel Sews, and I think she did a wonderful job on her pouch. The lines are so straight, and the fabric she chose to showcase is so cute.

It makes me really happy and proud to see one of my designs out there in the world.