Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Slump

Coming home from a really amazing vacation is tough. Between the 12 hour jetlag, Daylight Savings time, and having to catch up (yes HAVE TO) on episodes of Friday Night Lights... I haven't been too motivated to sew much. In fact, all I've sewn in the past week are patches on ripped pants and hemmed a pair of jeans. Not too exciting.

But I feel it. I feel the inspiration and the motivation coming on. And it's in the form of granny squares. I think I'm going to make this quilt.... from scraps... to sell. It will be the first quilt that I make that is not intended for someone I know. It will be for FUN, and when I'm done, I will set it aside with other Junie Babie items for the next show or market that I do.

Isn't it wonderful? So bright and cheery...

I have to finish Alexa's quilt first, but when I'm done with that... granny squares will be my next quilt project.

And there is nothing that says inspiration like winning a FQ bundle of one of my favorite designer's new fabric lines. I was lucky enough to win this from the Sew Fabulous Quilt shop, and even luckier that she waited a month for me to respond to claim my prize :). It's Kate Spain's Good Fortune line, and it is so lovely.


Martine said...

The fabric you won is absolutely exquisite, I'm so jealous :)I can just imagine how beaut a quilt will look with this fabric. I also love your other bright and cheerful quilt.
I've just made little green and yellow owl cell phone covers for my daughters and I for our Tracfone phones that you can wear around your neck.
I needed to wear my $15 little Tracfone SVC cell phone for seniors around my neck for emergencies after feeling faint recently and no one was around to help me. I like this little phone as it's got big keys and letters on the screen so I don't have to strain my eyes.
I really want to make an ipad cover for my husband with a picture of a cat on it as his black and white cat (Tinka) never leaves his side.

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