Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Goal Oriented

I'm a very goal-oriented person.

If I set a time limit for myself, I generally keep it.

In that vain, I've been working like crazy on Alexa's quilt. To be completed by the end of March.

Only... I look back to that original post and it would appear that I gave myself to the end of February to finish. Whoops.

But here I am, still proud that I've completed quilting, and am at the binding step!

Here's a peek at the backing. Using those retro flowers.


I think I will complete that goal of end of MARCH. Hee hee. We're visiting them in April, so that even gives me some time to do a little hand quilting at the end, if I'm given that extra rush of motivation.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Quilting thoughts

I am quilting like a mad person over here, and a few things occur to me

1. Vacation sewing hiatus is over.
2. I'm officially more motivated to sew than to watch Friday Night Lights.
3. I did not know that my sewing machine could stitch that fast.
4. I hope my brother does not notice that one little flaw in the quilting.
5. Taking a facebook break, I realize that I am only one degree of separation away from being friends with my dentist. This weirds me out.

I love me some MoMo

A new line by MoMo for Moda fabrics is being released now... I love me my MoMo.

This reminds me... there is a quilt downstairs with a deadline of this Sunday to be completed! Must get.on.it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I've been spoiled

As the youngest in my family, I'm used to being spoiled (that is a little tongue in cheek, big bro :)

So look.. when you get a backage with "Royal Mail" stamped on it, you pretty much think it's going to be something awesome.

And it WAS. (IS?).

My "For the Love of Solids" swap package came in the mail today! I was very excited, and even more so when I saw that it came from the UK (which does NOT mean England, neccessarily :). Anything from a foreign country is cool, didn't you know?

Rainbow WOW
First up... an amazing paper peiced pillow cover. In RAINBOW! Yeah yeah. Apparently there is a mistake on this, but I can't find it! And the fact that it is paper peiced... I just love getting things I can't make myself!

Beautiful needlework
And hello gorgeous! This needle point is so lovely, and It's awesome that she personalized it! I'll definitely be putting this up in the sewing room. It's perfect for me.

pouch front
more extras! A big zippy pouch held all the goodies. Useful. Fun. Bright.
pouch back

more extras

And finally, some hilarous chocolate, and a charm pack of rainbow colors. I am spoiled. Lucky. Happy. Thank you Sarah of Narcoleptic in the Cupboard! You are very skilled, and very generous :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pink Castle Fabrics Bundle

Another fun "build it yourself" fabric bundle contest has cropped up, this time sponsored by Pink Castle Fabrics, and hosted by the I'm a Ginger Monkey blog.

And what I'm realizing? A bundle that I create will be different every single time. This time, my bundle is definitely inspired by the sudden spring/summer like weather that has hit northern VT. Way early this year! But I'm feeling bright colors mixed in with a little winter nostalgia, and hope for the richness of summer. That's what spring is all about right?


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Slump

Coming home from a really amazing vacation is tough. Between the 12 hour jetlag, Daylight Savings time, and having to catch up (yes HAVE TO) on episodes of Friday Night Lights... I haven't been too motivated to sew much. In fact, all I've sewn in the past week are patches on ripped pants and hemmed a pair of jeans. Not too exciting.

But I feel it. I feel the inspiration and the motivation coming on. And it's in the form of granny squares. I think I'm going to make this quilt.... from scraps... to sell. It will be the first quilt that I make that is not intended for someone I know. It will be for FUN, and when I'm done, I will set it aside with other Junie Babie items for the next show or market that I do.

Isn't it wonderful? So bright and cheery...

I have to finish Alexa's quilt first, but when I'm done with that... granny squares will be my next quilt project.

And there is nothing that says inspiration like winning a FQ bundle of one of my favorite designer's new fabric lines. I was lucky enough to win this from the Sew Fabulous Quilt shop, and even luckier that she waited a month for me to respond to claim my prize :). It's Kate Spain's Good Fortune line, and it is so lovely.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Perfect Pouch for me!

We just came home from a long trip to Asia, and just as I had hoped, my mouthy stitches swap package was waiting for me in our pile of mail.

My partner completely and totally hit the mark with my pouch. She really paid attention to my likes and dislikes and made me a pouch that I really truly love.

Here is my inspiration mosaic:

And her picture of the pouch she made:

Mouthy Stitches

And my picture of it:

I'm just so thrilled with it! Now to figure out what I'll use it for...