Friday, February 10, 2012

Glass Half Full - Pattern Test

I think in recent posts I have alluded to the fact that I've been pretty busy. It actually feels kind of like an understatement lately, since we are preparing for a big trip, but another reason I become so busy is things like this...

Picture it being around 11pm at night. I usually am in bed by 10... But here I am reading my facebook feed and discovering that one of my internet-sewing-buddies is looking for a pattern tester. And I think to myself "Hey, I can do that!" and then the next morning I thump myself on the head for taking on another project. But such is life, and it's a good thing, because it is a good pattern.

It's a totally manageable size, and really fun - a great modern quilt that would be easy for beginners, but with enough interest and whimsy for experienced quilters too.

The instructions are very clear, with great pictures illustrating the directions. I love pattern testing, because much of the work has been done for me - I guess that's the point of patterns, right? Takes out all the guess work.

This pattern is great because of it's versatility. If you're short on time, the instructions are based off of a layer cake. But if, like me, you feel compelled to work from your stash, it's really easy to use the pattern with any old scraps you have laying around too.

So here's my version. No big surprise that it's in rainbow format :)

Junebug Glass Half Full Top

Junebug Glass Half Full Close

Junebug Glass Half Full

So, if you're interested in Lindsay's new quilt pattern - go get it at!


Lindsay Conner said...

June, this quilt top is awesome! You are an excellent pattern tester and I used basically all of your suggestions. :) I'm also impressed that you worked from your stash and came up with a color combination that's so rainbowlicious and cohesive. Headed over to check out your Cathedral Windows Tutorial now!

heartsease54 said...

I love this June, great job.

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