Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Retro Flowers Block

I used my new tools to make my first Retro Flowers block. It turned out well! It's likely the most complicated block I've ever done (which is maybe not saying much), but with 32+ different pieces in it... it took some time.

Retro Flowers Block1

I'm happy with the result. It's going to be part of the quilt backing for Alexa's quilt. I'm going to make two of these blocks. *Maybe* three, if I'm ambitious. I like that the shape of the flower kind of resembles a butterfly, which is after all the theme of her quilt!


Lindsay Conner said...

Looks cute! I ordered this pattern too and haven't looked at it yet. Wow 32+ pieces is a lot!

Kim said...

Oh how CUTE!!!!!!! I really want to make one!!!! Looks well worth the effort, great job!!!!

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