Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beautiful Baby Blanket

I have a friend who is having her (surprise!) 3rd daughter very soon, and a few of her friends threw her a baby shower recently. This group is starting a tradition: for all third babies, we each get a 1/4 yard of fabric in some color format, and I'll turn it into a pillow! Inadvertantly at this shower, the pillow turned into a baby quilt :)

As you can see, for baby #3.... we went all out pink!


I followed the same brick wall scheme as I used for Rachel's Pillow, which works really really well when you have various prints that wouldn't otherwise mesh together. I truly love this quilt. I love how all the different personalities of each mom show through the fabrics she chose, and I love how it all came together. I used a new (to me) type of batting - Cream Rose 100% cotton, and it has amazing drape and softness immediately.

I have also *almost* perfected my binding on this quilt! I think one more quilt binding and I'll be there, with perfect, pucker free binding. Exciting!


Now this quilt is just waiting for the little baby to arrive :)


Kim said...

Very lucky baby girl!!!!! So pretty!!!!!

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