Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another quilt done!

It feels SO GOOD to have so many finishes as of late. Makes sense - I was (am) working on quilt tops for so long, it just seems right that they're turning into real quilts!

The latest is a quilt for Mira. I decided to take the quilt top test that I did for Lindsay Sews (the Tumbler Quilt, is what I call it) and turn it into a quilt for my younger daughter. I knew I wanted to make a crazy quilt for her, one that uses lots of my favorite fabrics and this quilt fit the bill. It's not twin size, which is what I wanted to make for her, but it is certainly big enough for her for now, and a few more years.

Want to see it all done?


I quilted it with double lines along all the major front seams. No other fancy quilting. I'm a fan of the straightforward simple fast straight stitches. Bonus: Keith liked the quilting too.

At first, the backing was really hard for me to decide on, but once I realized I wanted it to be for us, it was a simple decision... Two of my favorite loved-it-at-first-sight prints: Nicey Janie Hop Dots, and Erin McMorris Wildwood. I feel like I ought to snap some more of these up before they disappear. I love that it's calm, but with that pop of loud orange.


Mira hasn't slept with it in bed yet. I'm waiting until I'm sure she won't be thrown off by something new in her crib. Those sleepless nights are not quite over :)



Lindsay Conner said...

Wow!! This looks SO good, June! I love your double-line quilting and the Nicey Jane border on the back--one of my favorite prints! That's fun that you'll be keeping this one. :)

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