Thursday, January 5, 2012

A little old with the new

I've debated not posting about Alexa's quilt until it is done or nearly done, in order to keep the mystery alive for A's parents, but who am I kidding?? I'm not so great at keeping secrets.

While working on Alexa's quilt, I discovered a little something. A little in with the old life:

See that? I'm drawing circles on fusible web... with a compass. That's right folks. That compass is from my college days, where I studied to be a mechanical engineer. In fact, I worked as a mechanical design engineer for several years before Lili was born and I started this new life as a mom, and even new-er, as a sew-er. But for this project, I needed that trusty old tool because there are lots and lots (and lots) of circles to be drawn. I'm thinking in the range of 100 circles. But it's worth it. It's fun. And unlike on-line travel booking... it is something I can control. Because we engineers? Well, we just have to be in control of something.

I'm using a layer cake of Momo's Just Wing It fabric by Moda. Love it. Bright, cheery, and lots of butterflies. Which matches Alexa's room decor (ish). So hopefully they like it. (Hear that??? If you don't.. well too bad. I'm making it anyway. You can always give it back :)


Katy Cameron said...

Ha, I've dug out a number of tools from my maths/computer science degree, glad I'm not the only one!

Kim said...

My friend Darth Vader told me the that I need one of those for sewing, I know we have bought about 3dz over the years for school but I cannot seem to find any of them :/

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