Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mise en Place

the Sewing room was getting out of control. And then I got a free on the side of the road bookshelf. It was really nice, I just finished it with a coat of poly and then it was ready to be used:

It's really nice to organize. I hope it can stay neat for at least a little while.

Sorting like this helps me to see.. I don't have a ton of yellows or purples. Which is funny, because purple is my favorite color.

This is the other stuff I'm working on - a few Go Anywhere bags for the upcoming craft show.... This black and yellow print is really not very "me", but it just was yelling at me to make it into a bag, so I bought it. I like it - very honey bee.


Robynsky said...

Did you mount the bookshelf on the wall? It looks really cool all set up!

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