Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blogger's Choice Bundle Contest

There is a pretty awesome contest going on over at Quokka Quilts - pretty ingenious, I think. The challenge is to come up with your own dream bundle of fabric at Fat Quarter Shop, and present it along with everyone else who is entering. I think it's a great idea, and it is so fun to browse the fabric and make a mosaic based on the fabrics that speak to you. This bundle is not neccessarily my dream bundle, because I wanted to make a cohesive group of fabrics that I think will go well together in a beautiful, garden themed, color saturated quilt. Something to bring summer, make you feel good, and warm, and bountiful. It's interesting... I know my favorite color is purple, but you can see from my stash and from this collection I've made that I lean towards the primarys when selecting fabric. Blues and Deep reds seem to dominate, and that's OK by me. Because you see... mixing blues and reds makes... purple! I'm so basic :)

So... you know, go check out the other entries. You're sure to be inspired.

1. Kona-K001-1295-450.jpg
2. PowerPop-PWJM055-STRAW-450.jpg
3. ReadySetGo-P150-122-450.jpg
4. GoingCoastal-DC5155-GRAY-D-450.jpg
5. SafariSweet-Y0777-35-450.jpg
6. Heirloom-JD52-BLUSH-450.jpg
7. HoneyBee-CX4534-Herb-450.jpg
8. Impressions-PWTY014.PURPL-450.jpg
9. Lark-PWAB071-MIDNIGHT-450.jpg
10. CitronGray-CX5181-CTRN-D-450.jpg
11. Kona-K001-1218-450.jpg
12. Terrain-27097-25-450.jpg
13. Terrain-27098-27-450.jpg
14. ParisApt-30347-71-450.jpg
15. EarlyBirds-PWJS035-LEMON-450.jpg


mikeskamo said...

I really like your selection. I can see a lovely quilt with it already.

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