Sunday, November 6, 2011


Today... a little glimpse into my sewing workspace. I'm lucky to have a really large space to work in - it is the downstairs room of our house, which is a guest room, playroom, sewing studio. I take up about half the room with my workshop.

I have a little design table where I put my works in progess, and where I sketch out designs. You can see that there is some storage of display peices for shows. Right now I have both of my sewing machines out which makes it look particularly impressive, but one of the machines is covering the fabric cutting area.

Right now there is a big stack of kid Tshirts on the chair behind my sewing chair. I'm cranking through them for an upcoming holiday market, but really I wish I was sewing something more fun... in the corner you see the ironing board, which is always set up.

You know what I'd love though? Some better organization. Wouldn't we all? At least it is bright and cheery down there, and I can make it as warm as I like!


Micmacker said...

Yep, I'm envious of all your space - luxurious!

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