Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I wasn't ready

When Lili was born, we were anti pacifier. She became a thumb-sucker and only recenly (within the last 6 months) gave it up.

After Mira was born, we needed some sanity from the constant crying (screaming). So at about 3 weeks old, we ditched all former preconceived notions and popped in a pacifier.

It worked, and has worked ever since. Mira's been a great sleeper, and probably finds her paci in her bed when she wakes in the night. She loves it, and calls it her cha-cha.

Today... after her nap... she said she wanted to throw her chachi's into the garbage. After taking a moment to explain to her what this meant - she went ahead and did it anyway.

The pediatrician told me this might happen - Mira's a smart and stubborn girl and so if she decides to do it don't question her.

But at bedtime tonight (*tear*)... "I need my chacha. I don't want my chacha in the garbaaaaagggeeee!!!!". Sorry girl, it's a done deal. Apparently now I need to give you 5-7 days to settle into a new sleep pattern and if that doesn't work? I will gladly buy you new chachis.

Yup, I posted a picture of my garbage can. Yup, we indulge in Halloween candy. Evidence right next to the discarded chachis."


Kelli said...

My daughter didn't want to give her's up, but after she turned 2 (her brother was born when she was 21 months and we didn't want to make her give it up when he had one), we told her she had to keep it in her bed and she could have it then. When she needed it during the day, she'd go lay down for awhile with it and then get back up to play. One day she drug it around the house with her and at bedtime we couldn't find it. I told her that she'd lost it and she knew the rules and she'd have to do without. She cried, but within a week, she'd forgotten all about it.
My son gave his up around a year. He just stopped sucking on it and would throw it when you gave it to him.
Hoping you only have a night or two of tears.

Scott said...

A never took one at all, preferring to chew on her daddy's thumb instead... we tried, and she eventually gave in and gave it a try for a day or so, but never again after that.
Now she won't let us put on her pants or jacket for her.

Good to know the cousins are both stubborn.

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