Sunday, November 13, 2011

I am loved

First, my wonderful husband wrote at little ditty to nominate me for the Blueberry Hill Sewing Retreat...

June parents - 2 young girls
June cooks - delicious, healthy food

June cleans - up after us
June entertains - friends and family
June smiles - almost all the time

June runs - couch-to-5k!
June loves - her family
June wields - an ivy leage engineering degree
June inspires - everyone she meets
June blogs - about sewing and family

June devours - sewing blogs

June swaps - fabric, crafts, and chocolate on flickr

June etsys - is that a verb?
June sews - all by herself :(
June needs - a weekend sewing getaway

Then, he encouraged me to go to my second show ever, when a last minute table opened up at a church bazaar....

And while I was working at the show, he went out and bought me a case of one of my favorite edibles...

... as my friend Heather said... "He sounds like a good one." Yup. He is :)


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