Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Emily Knitting Bag

I have this beautiful friend named Emily. She's one of my besties, and so when she requested a knitting bag I decided to go all out. And I mean ALL OUT! She and I collaborated on the design process, and the end result is stunning:

Emily likes rich deep hues, and she needed a pretty big bag to house all her knitting works in progess. She reported to me while I was in the construction phase that her yarny projects were littered about her house in plastic bags. Like a hobo. So she was pleased to find out how roomy this bag is.

Inside there are two large pockets to hold various sundries: a needle case, a few stray balls of yarn, a snack or maybe a little bottle of wine...

The outside back boasts two large flat pockets for patterns or her wallet. Emily is the cause for my recent obsession with leather handles, and I made good use of them on this super sturdy bag. This bag is no fewer than 4 layers thick and stands up on it's own.

Doesn't she look great with the bag? Everyone said... Oooohhh that bag is so Emily! And it's true. It looks good on her :)

This bag has been a highlight of sewing for me so far. It's all of my own design, and it's made with a lot of heart and passion - it helps that I made it for someone I really admire. Therefore, I'm submitting it to the final month of Celebrate Color and hoping it's well received!

Celebrate Color


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