Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do the right thing

Being a parent is sometimes excruciatingly hard, and I'm sure I haven't even been through the worst yet. But if there is way for Mira to go to sleep without struggle, I will do it. After 6 days of trying to trick and cajole her into being comfortable in her bed with no pacifier, she is peacefully and quietly sleeping with a brand new one in her mouth. Giving it back is better than the increasing level of anxiety she was having for nightnight time, and it bumps the sanity level back up a notch. I'm going to channel my mother in law on this one and repeat... she will not go to college with the thing. it is OK. it is OK.


Kelli said...

Parenting is hard because we won't know if we're successes or failures for a long time (generally speaking...). BUT, I have learned that some issues are not as big as we think they are at the time. Be happy for the sleep and reduced stress for all of you and let her stay little just a little longer. She will eventually lose the pacifier and you'll have something else to worry about instead! :)

Sandra F said...

I don't understand why we have to give up pacifiers by two, but kids suck their thumbs until they are 4,5 or even later. My son had a pacifier until he was 3 or so. He only had it in the car for long rides or for bedtime. I say suck away! ps (Nice blog!)

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