Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yeah, I'll keep it ;)

Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback on the Red Riding Hood pouch! Looks like I am going to keep it. After a few days I still love it and therefore... I loved all the supportive comments letting me be a little selfish with it!

So now I'll just give you a look at the equally adorable pouch I'm going to send off for the Pretty Little Pouch swap.

Pretty Little Pouch - Front

Because this swap is a "secret" swap, I can't reveal my partner's inspiration mosaic. But believe me when I say that this pouch is really true to her likes. So I hope it's well received, because this deer is just so... dear!

Pretty Little Pouch - Deer


Domestic Artisan said...

Love this one also. Thanks for the informative email too, I'm in the middle of mo ing house so won't get to try it out anytime soon, but can't wait til I get a chance. Gla you're keeping the RRH pouch : )

tjp said...

Cutest pouch EVER! Love it...makes me want to sew one.

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