Friday, October 28, 2011

Fairy House

"Theis is my fairy hooss"

I love fall. And creative children.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Craft show? Check!

This must be my year of accomplishing goals. I don't know if any of them were in my New Year's resolution list, but I've for sure grown as an individual this past year. But really it's too early to do end of year reflection. I'm here to tell you about the latest goal I've accomplished: a craft show!

When I started junie babie on etsy in the wee early spring, I knew one of my goals would be to do a craft show. In my head, I set this goal for end of summer. I thought I would be able to get in to a local farmers market or something like that, but summer passes all too quickly and I still hadn't done it. Lucky for me there are many indoor shows in my area and I was able to get into one kind of last minute. So I prepared, and went with trepidation and a good friend in tow.

Turns out my friend is a great salesperson, and I had some really nice veteran vendors on either side of me who offered lots of advice and support, AND there were some wonderful customers. Actually, lots of customers! I doubly exceeded my sales goal going into it, and had a blast doing so. There was not a minute that I wasn't enjoying myself.

Not only a goal accomplished, but I think I'm going sign up for more!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yeah, I'll keep it ;)

Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback on the Red Riding Hood pouch! Looks like I am going to keep it. After a few days I still love it and therefore... I loved all the supportive comments letting me be a little selfish with it!

So now I'll just give you a look at the equally adorable pouch I'm going to send off for the Pretty Little Pouch swap.

Pretty Little Pouch - Front

Because this swap is a "secret" swap, I can't reveal my partner's inspiration mosaic. But believe me when I say that this pouch is really true to her likes. So I hope it's well received, because this deer is just so... dear!

Pretty Little Pouch - Deer

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pretty! Too Pretty...

So I've made a couple of pouches for the Pretty Little Pouch swap, and I really like both of them. But the one I made last night I think I might have to keep. Is that too selfish? I'm not sure if I will yet, but I just love it so much.

PLP Option Front

Add to the fact that I have NO MORE of that Red riding hood fabric and I really just don't want to part with it. Give me a few days though, and maybe I won't feel so passionate about it :).

PLP Option Riding Hood

I've been experimenting with Linen lately, and the pintucks were something I've been wanting to try. For the first time on this pouch I also tried lining without fusible interfacing. Instead, I sewed in some canvas under the linen, and it gives the pouch a good sturdiness. Plus now it's more "natural", quite in theme with the linen and the foresty-ness.

PLP Option Back

The back stitching mimicks the front, but the part I love the most about this pouch is the lining. I bought a scant 1/4 yard of it in the spring, and of course I love it and can't find anymore of it. It's a small print of little baby forest animals all tucked into one another. And it is SO soft. I made a mental note to save the rest of it to go into Mira's as yet undesigned future quilt. I just know I have to save some of it for us!

PLP Option Inside

Edited to add... if you're interested in how to make this particular cathedral window, look here at spotted stone...

And because this was designed with the season in mind, I'll be submitting it to this month's Celebrate Color event.
Celebrate Color

Monday, October 3, 2011

Runnin' Runnin'

My big motto lately is follow-through. I said I'd finish the Pick a Bunch quilt and I did. I completed a 6 years in the making knitting project. I signed up for a craft fair. But the other big thing you didn't know about (maybe) is that I started running. My friend Kate and I (at the urging from Rachel) started the Couch to 5K running program at the beginning of the summer. After we finished the program, in order to maintain motivation, we signed up for a 5K race. And we did it! Kate got her personal best time, I ran the whole thing, overall a great experience, even though it was raining.

Here we are post race:

Summary: glad I did it, plan to keep running, but still... prefer sewing :) At least this is a way to avoid "quilter's butt" (ha)