Friday, September 16, 2011

Solids Swap received!

I received my solids swap package yesterday. It was a BIG box on my doorstep so needless to say I was pretty excited to open it!

And then I was a little in shock! The partner that I made things for, ended up being the partner that was making things for me! You see, normally in a secret swap, whomever you send to is not who you receive from. It is rarely (I think rarely) reciprocal, to help maintain the secrecy of it all.

In any case, Erin seemed to have major anxiety about what to make for me, as I requested mostly bags, and she doesn't know how to make a bag (yet!). So she ended up making me this beautiful lap quilt. Please note that while this is not normally something I would make for myself, I think this is the beauty of the swap - to receive something you'd not normally make for yourself! And the lap quilt she made is so well done, and a very peaceful design. It will be great to have in this house, where we all need a little calm-down now and then :)

Received from Toerintx - 1

In addition to the quilt, she sent along a few peices of my favorite color fabrics, and a panel of cathedral windows. It's a very generous package and I feel lucky to have been partnered with Erin.

All in all, a great and fun and surprising and rewarding swap experience.

Received from Toerintx - 2


Katy Cameron said...

Oh wow, lucky you! With all that sewing involved in what she gave you, she should find bags no bother at all!

Micmacker said...

Ooooooo...this totally makes me want to join a swap! Hey - sorry I missed you at the pillow case sew in. I arrived around 1, and heard you were in earlier. Sewing lounge this Friday??? I so hope you can make it!

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