Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Solids Swap - Ready to ship!

It feels like the school year is well underway now, but I have not set aside enough time for sewing lately. Partially because of other things that needed to be done, but let's be honest. I got hooked on GLEE! Yup, gleek me out. Luckily there are only 2 seasons available for me to indulge on (right?!).

Meanwhile, I did sign up for the Love of Solids Swap, and made this little zip pouch to go with the wall hanging for my partner. Same fabrics used in both, but they each have their own feel. This swap has been great for broadening my sewing horizons - sewing with all solids, and learning about this concept of "modern" - which is really kind of haphazard sewing but leaves a really cool looking finished product.

And in using this blog to remain accountable... I really need to start back up on my Pick a Bunch quilt!!! So stay tuned, because I will will myself to crank that baby out!


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Micmacker said...

I'm digging both the random straight line quilting in contrasting thread AND that orange zipper (totally makes the little orange square POP).

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