Friday, September 2, 2011

Secret Lunch Money Pocket

Lili's school has an innovative way to pay for lunch - each kid gets a pin # that they use to pay. The parents can load money into the account as needed. But even though I gave the lunch ladies (aka Nutritional Services) a check, it doesn't seem like there's any money in Lili's account.

And today is Pizza Day - so Lili is buying! Big girl. But because of the account confusion, I wanted to send actual money in with her so that she won't be caught without lunch. No option for storing the money was acceptable to her - until I suggested sewing a secret pocket into her skort.

You can't see the pocket can you?

There it is! Sewn inside the front of her skort, just to the shorts part. I'm so happy I could do that for her just before school this morning. She feels more secure that she'll be able to pay for lunch no matter what, and I do too.


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