Thursday, July 7, 2011

Revamp for me

So as you know if you follow along on this blog, I have successfully revamped clothing for both the girls. A dress (from a shirt) for Lili, pants (from a shirt) for Mira, sweaters (from old sweaters) for both of them... Why not do it for myself? Well, grownup bodies are harder to sew for than little squishy kids. Plus, posting photos of myself modeling said clothes is not so appealing to me. But here I am.

I raided my friend G's Salvation Army bags right before she moved, and I found some seriously good stuff in there. Included was this way too big tunic, brand new, made of some very nice stretch faux denim. I loved it but it looked like a potato sack on me.

So I cut off the sides and the sleeves and sewed it back together again. And it worked out well, I think. It's super comfortable and I think a little bit cute too.

With a pair of leggings, it was perfect for girls' night out.

I will likely do this again. I need some more sleevless wear for the summer!


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