Saturday, July 2, 2011

Of contests and contacts

I kind of lied before - I have been sewing in bursts, but the projects I've been working on are gifts and I have to keep them secret! I am so notoriously bad at keeping secrets, but I'm gonna TRY. I'll give some hints... both pillows... embroidery... patchwork...

Meanwhile, I have been looking at a book about Modern Quilting Bees: "Block Party: The Modern Quilting Bee", and planning a quilt for my neice Alexa. I was very flattered when my brother asked me to make a quilt for her - he takes my sewing seriously! And so I immediately began planning a theme and color pallette in my head. And I came across the picture in this book, and knew I'd make one like this for her:

It's given me some insight into the wider sewing community. I'd love to do a quilting bee. I think it would be such fun to get to know 11 other women better and try out different sewing styles while at it. The swaps I've participated in have shown me that it helps my creativity and keeps me motivated.

So there are lots of people out there sewing, and apparently there are lots of sewing contests too! Riley Blake is a fabric manufacturer that I don't know really very well, but I like their kid friendly designs, so it's surprising that I don't have more of their fabrics in my stash! They're having a cool contest where you can win a cruiser bike. A very cool bike that we've seen in person at our local bike shop. It would be neat to win one, but not sure I can take on a quilt project in that short amount of time!


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