Sunday, July 31, 2011

Five. Years. Old.

Every year of a life is a milestone. But it seems to me that 5 is a pretty big one.

This year, Lili requested that we paint her room. And we're not talking about regular wall paint - we painted a mural on her wall! Both sets of grandparents came to help and participate, and we painted whatever Lili wanted to on her wall. First and foremost was a rainbow (of course, because she's my daughter!). In addition to that, some birds, butterflies, flowers (Lili), a lily pond (my mom), bamboo (my dad), glivvy fish, a horse running in a field (Omi), a weird frog foot hand print (grandpa Lee), and many other little scenes to discover. And everyone's handprints.

It was a process! Cleaning, sanding, putting down tarps, discovering the colors in the paint cans, getting brave to do a big bold first stroke, imagining little things to add to the white spaces...

We had a ton of fun doing it, and Lili basically names all the pictures as her "favorite part". She'll love it for a long time, I hope, because I won't be able to bear to paint over it!


Ian and Vanessa said...

Wow- can't believe she is FIVE!!! What a fun idea to paint her room and I love how the whole family was involved- so special!

Along the Ausable said...

What a wonderful gift and birthday activity. I love the rainbow!

Joan Doria said...

Hey June! Happy Birthday to Lili! Auggie loves rainbows too and wanted them for his birthday. He helped to decorate his birthday party cake with rainbows of his own design and colorway all around. On his actual birthday he and I made a rainbow cake in an old vintage bundt pan he loves. It was a lot of fun to see the slices. 5 years of being mommies. Yay for our side!

craktpot said...

WHAT FUN!!! Makes me wanna be there too! What a fab, fun family time! I'm with you, I would never want to paint over it. You are so blessed to 1-have this idea, 2-be able to execute it and 3-have a wonderful family willing to participate! Thanks for sharing and happy, HAPPY Big #5 Birthday, Lili and fond birthing memories, Mom! :D

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