Thursday, July 28, 2011


When I was growing up, one of my favorite book characters was Frances. We had Frances on LP and if you grew up around the same time as me you totally remember her voice. You know what I mean.

So when Lili was born, I went on a Frances mission. Those (original?) recordings seem to be very difficult to find, but a new CD of Frances books is out, performed by an equally distinctive voice. Why did I love Frances so much? She says what she thinks, and loves bread and jam, and sings her thoughts, and has a Girls Only Outing.

Frances is now ingrained in Lili's childhood too, and she has requested a Chompo Bar multiple times over the years. The Chompo bar originates from a Birthday for Frances (which in reality is a birthday for Frances' little sister Gloria)...

Frances uses her allowance to buy Gloria a Chompo bar and 4 balls of bubblegum. And she describes the Chompo like so:

"Chompo Bars have a soft nougat part inside, and there is a chewy caramel part around that, and the outside is chocolate with nuts."

Sounds like a Snickers, no? So I picked one up from the store, and tried to duplicate the Chompo wrappings:

And it's "from" Mira. Fitting, given the story.

Other birthday loot will include but not limited to:
The doll bed and mattress
A Hello Kitty Razor Scooter (from my parents)
Littlest Pet shop figurines
Hello Kitty Jellybeans (already partially bitten through the bag by Mira)
And various to be determined gifts from Omi, who always brings an assortment.

Oh and maybe even two cakes.

I love birthdays.


Katy Cameron said...

Ahh, Frances. Apparently she's the cause of all my meals still coming out even, although I have no recollection of the book, apparently you need to be careful about what you give your over-imaginative kids to read lol

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