Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Almost birthday time!

Lili's 5th birthday is this weekend. We're planning to paint a mural on one of her bedroom walls, so pictures after that for sure. But for her birthday present, I found a great deal at a garage sale! A doll bed for $5...

It's beautiful and I'm sure she'll love it as she's always using old cardboard boxes as beds for her animals.

I made a little mattress for it, using some fabric from my friend Teri. I got to look at the fabric up close while I was making the pad, and it is so cute! Little chicks, and a slightly asian flair to it - perfect for us. And it is so super soft! I'm glad I have more yardage of it - it was very generous of Teri to give it to us.

I had also planned to make a doll for Lili to go with the bed. She picked out this pattern from our Local Quilt Shop (LQS) and would like me to make "Louise". But, too many projects and not enough time, so that might have to wait until Christmas.


craktpot said...

Oh YAY!!! What an adorable bed and that works perfect for the mattress. Maybe a lil sheet and pillow are in order too? I know you are busy preparing, Mom! And you are SUCH a good mom for your girls! I am encouraged by your mad mommie skillz! Thanks for sharing this! <#

craktpot said...

<3 tha was a heart, oops! And the homemade dollies, WOOT! Can I be your kid this Christmas???? ;)

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