Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sew Hiatus

Okay. So. Unlike some people, I can't sew effectively when I am sick. Although, to be fair to me, I think she didn't sew while sick, just blogged her sewing.

Anyway, good time for other updates! As you know, we recently came back from a 2 week long vacation. Vacations tend to mark milestones in the kids' lives. Either they learn some awesome new skill on vaca or we realize it while on vaca.

This time...

Lili learned how to buckle herself into her car seat, which arguably saves time loading up into the car. Lili's also been reading independently for awhile, but not sure if I've posted about this. It's worth noting, though. Lili can also PUMP on a swing! It is such a big deal, she can now swing on her own and she loves it. Also upon returning? Lili can ride a bike with no training wheels. Not saying she loves it, she's still learning and she took kind of a spectacular fall the other day (nothing compared to her Aunt Margot's elbows meet ground mountain bike incident, but still reminicent). She is hestiant and afraid to admit she's scared, but she can do it and even dismount gracefully.

Mira has successfully pooped on a toilet for a few weeks now. This is not something most people want to hear about, but if you are a parent you know how awesome this is. I can only hope it continues. Mira also learned how to swing, though she can't pump like Lili. But she prefers the big swings and often says "higher, push higher", and then says "scary. like it.". She has also learned how to slide down a slide:

also scary, but apparently worth it

I will be attending a local quilt festival later this week. Very excited. Why is it that quilt festivals are all in the spring summer? Doesn't really make sense to me.

Also, a veteran of craft shows and markets friend of mine has agreed to mentor me into the world of open air selling. Hopefully we'll be able to coordinate schedules so that I can do a farmer's market with her soon!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!! LOVE this photo, she's so adorable! -Margot

Lizbeth Brown said...

sorry you guys are sick! I'm giving away some cute IKEA kid's fabric, maybe that would make you feel better?

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