Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Epic Journey

So yeah. An epic journey might traditionally be thought of as a cross country road trip, or a hike up Kilimanjaro, or maybe a cross ocean sailing adventure. But when you're driving over 1000 miles in two weeks with two kids under the age of 5? Epic. At least it is for them!

Lili's school ended earlier than most, so we had the opportunity to start summer vacation a little early and visit lots and lots (and lots!) of friends and family. We had four major destinations which included our (both Keith and I) 10 year college reunion at Cornell University. Ah, Ithaca. We visit at least once a year, but never go up to campus. This time we went back to campus almost every day! Much has changed, and then again, stayed the same. It was wonderful to be able to be on campus with the girls, who were actually interested in things like where we did our homework and ate lunch.

We had a blast on the whole trip. The girls are wonderful travelers! Highlights include but not limited to...

Popsicles at every locale
Newt catching
Tractor riding
Egg collecting
Baby cow caring
Eating, playing, and visiting

aforementioned popsicles

a few of the reunion-ites

part of Raylene's lovely gardens (please note the unicycle in the background :)


Anonymous said...

Love the photos!! Post more :) -Margot

craktpot said...

WOW, what an adventure! Glad for your that the girls travel well. Sweet pics too.

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