Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dear Anonymous Commenter,

Hello, I got this comment today... I'm happy to help, but if you ask me a question please give me a way to contact you :)

I'm searching the web for ANYONE who may help me figure out what is wrong w/my machine or what I am doing wrong! I have the Huskystar E10 and I saw that you have the same. PUHLEASE...if you will... WHY oh WHY is my machine always jamming up? I've tried numerous things. Tension, new needle, putting the thread bobbin in counterclockwise then clockwise, etc. I know you're not blogging about this...but I am about to throw the machine out the window! Frustration should NOT be a part of sewing ONE buttonhole! ANY help would be apprectiated! BTW: I look forward to reading more posts. :)
Thanks in advance,
I have had jamming issues in the past with my E10 and I have several things for you to try. First of all, your bobbin should be placed into the bobbin holder in a lower case "b" shape (I will post pictures when I can but can't right now!). When starting to sew, hold the loose threads at the back of the machine - most often when my machine jams it is right at the beginning of sewing and it is because the loose starter threads get caught up in the bobbin.

You should also clean your machine bobbin casing and under the feed dogs. You can unscrew the feed plate and clean it out with your vaccum. Also you can snap out the bobbin casing and vaccum that too.

Make sure the timing is still right - hand wind the machine a few full up and downs of the needle - does the needle hit anything when it goes under the feed plate? If so, you need to take it to a sewing machine repair person to fix the timing.

I will post some pictures and some more tips when I can but I don't have access to my machine right now so I can't!

Hope that helps and next time please leave me your email or don't comment Anonymously :)


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