Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pillow Party Retrospective

About a month has gone by since I've thought much about the Pillow Party... But it was a fun party, wasn't it?

Blogger's Pillow Party

I found the whole process to be fascinating. It was my big foray into the world of bloggy sewing, sharing with other Pillow Party members, and learning about Pillow making in the process. I had a lot of fun. And learned a lot. And got some great inspiration. And learned about my personal style. I really appreciated how Rachel at Stitched In Color put it all together and really brought together this community of sewers. And so a little retrospective...

These were my four submissions to the party - one per month! January through April:
1. Rainbow 2. Swooping Solids 3. Balloon Girl 4. April Sunshine

I feel like I can see some definite style preferences amongst my pillows, and also see a real penchant for experimenting with techniques. I was thrilled to be picked in February for the "Participation Prize" and also really excited when Sew Mama Sew included me in their pillow tutorials!

Here were the actual winners, month by month. Very deserving folks, and lucky duckies to win some fun fabrics :)

I find it very interesting that there are TWO dresden plates in there.

And I know not everyone can be a winner. But there were some pillows in there that my personal favorites. If I had been the only judge, these would have been the winners, month by month:
1. Rebel Homemaker 2. SplendorFalls 3. Girl Who Quilts 4. Lollybix

1. I love me some Central Park, and it was used so fashionably here!
2. The Curvy retro feel of this pillow is amazing, plus the colors! This one is by far my favorite overall. Great use of several techniques including sewing curves, free motion quilting, and peicing. Really great work.
3. Mo Willems! Need I say more - she did SUCH a great job capturing the essence of these characters I don't think this pillow is just for kids. It's for the parents too.
4. This pillow is so amazingly striking - and I loved how the creator outlined her design process - great work!

I really hope to participate in something like this again, so if anyone out there knows of a sew-y blogg-y contest... hook me up!


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