Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love in a Lunchbox

Lili is starting Kindergarten in the fall. So far this is a big milestone that has included Kindergarten screening and plenty of anticipation. And worry. My poor girl has been having a certain amount of anxiety about the longer day, and eating lunch at school seems to be a big hurdle for her. Fortunately, her preschool is in the same building as her elementary school.

So her preschool teachers organized lunch at school! Lili got to have lunch at school two days in a row. The first day she decided to buy hot lunch, and did the whole bit even going through the lunch line. I wished I could have seen it. She had breakfast for lunch and the highlight was chocolate milk.

Today, she brought her lunch! Which made me a little more emotional than I thought it would. She was so proud of the fact that she was bringing lunch in a lunch box that she carried her lunch box for the whole one mile walk to school.

The very special part of it? It's a vintage Strawberry Shortcake box that Keith gave her from his collection.

I was tempted to fill it to the brim until I remembered - she eats very little at lunchtime at home, why should school be any different? So it was... a salami and cheese sandwich, pretzels, strawberry, and a special chocolate chip cookie. All wrapped in a cloth napkin from home. (Has anyone out there read "Bread and Jam for Frances"? it is one of our favorite stories...)

The best part for me was that she wanted it to be a surprise. So I had no whining about what she did or didn't want in the box, and she was happy happy happy with it!


V said...

ah, this makes me jealous =)

Ruthie said...

i loved Bread and Jam for Frances as a child! I had a record or tape that went along with it and I remember vividly what her "voice" sounded like. :) too cute.

craktpot said...

How SWEET! I don't know the book, but love the idea of the lunch wrapped in a cloth napkin from home. You know another cool thing: she will probably remember that book all her life! My girls are 28 and 23 and they still talk about our special books like the family members they are.

Another fun lunchbox thing: I used to send lil notes or those exchangeable cards with an "i love you" or stickers (always a hit!)

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