Sunday, May 29, 2011


We have been proud owners of a Betta Fish for one week now! Correction: Lili has been the proud owner.

Lili has been asking for a pet fish for a while now. We decided that a fish would be the best choice for her and she had to work for it: show consistent high level of responsibility in accordance with caring for another life. She worked hard at it - whenever she didn't really want to put away her laundry or help Mira with something, she would do it anyway. You could see her hesitate, and then remember her goal.

We went to the store together to get Gliv (who was named before being picked out), and even though Lili wanted a girl fish, we still ended up with a male because apparently male Bettas are prettier than the females.

Gliv lives in an old pretzel container from Costco. With a mermaid statue. And a lid to discourage the tendency to jump out of the bowl. (edited to add... the lid has lots and lots of holes drilled in the top of it! we know that fish need oxygen, and the store clerk that helped us was very knowledgeable and made sure we'd have a safe home for Gliv!)

Some recent fun fish quotes:
Lili: "If I could wish just one more dish, my greatest wish would be more.... FISH!"

Me: Lili just got a fish!
Conor (our 3 year old neighbor): Did she eat it?


BendingPins said...

Hi JuneBug,

Please take the lid off the pickle jar, the water needs air. Although beta fish typically live in puddles and can survive quite well, they still need oxygen.

Good luck, I love the mermaid statue!

I started off with a Beta fish 3 years ago, I now have a 120+ gallon saltwater tank!

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