Friday, May 20, 2011

Fabric, Chocolate, and Friendship

My friend Rachel has these "invisible" friends. People she's met via the internet whom she has come to love and support. In return, she gets alot of love and support back! And I think I am just beginning to understand about how wide this world is.

I joined my first "swap" recently. I was looking for a fun way to swap fabric or sewing projects with other people who share my interest, and I found this great swap on Flickr called "A little fabric, A little chocolate". So I signed up! And I waited to find out who my swap partner would be...

And we could not have been matched any more perfectly. As my partner said - the main difference is our age! She was a stay at home mom of two girls (who are grownup now) and has recently ramped up her creative outlets. It has been really fun getting to know her a little bit through her blog and messages back and forth. I really feel like we might form an ongoing friendship - at least I hope so.

In any case, I have been working on her swap package. The guidelines are to send fabric, chocolate, and a little something special. I can say I had a lot of fun making the little something special for my partner, but I can't post it yet because I really want it to be a surprise! So while I pull together the rest of the goodies I'll just have to keep the secret :)


craktpot said...!!! yes, we can be frands after the swap. ;)

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