Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best. Mother's. Day. Ever.

Normally on Mother's day I feel like doing as little mothering as possible. But this mother's day? It was fabulous and I spent almost all of it with my kids :)

Woke up at 6:20a. Correction. Got woken up at 6:20. But didn't really mind, and I got up at 6:45! And made my own breakfast! And I'm fine with that! We had a great day, including a visit from some good friends, lots of park time, and even an evening family bike ride into town for dinner on a very high waterfront. Yeah, the lake is pretty high. We had maple creemees for dessert. It was a beautiful day!

And my kids top it all off.


craktpot said...

Oh YAY! It's not what you do or what is done for you as much as it is for the appreciation of any of it! Maple creamees... are those the little candies made of maple syrup? Glad you had a wonderful day. I bet you are a wonderful mom!

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