Thursday, May 26, 2011

Astounded. Speechless. Thankful.

I'm not going to lie. This has been a long hard week for me. And I knew this package was coming so I was so excited to see it in the door upon arriving home today. But I had no idea how amazing it would be.

I got my swap package from A little fabric A little chocolate today. And I was brought to tears by the generosity of my partner, Teri. Literally. I had no clue that someone I had just met (and not even in person!) could know me so well. She spoiled me to the nth degree and I am just so greatful for her thoughfulness.

It's an early birthday present! Not three, or four FQ's of fabric, but a whopping SEVEN FQ's, what I guess to be half a yard of my new favorite fabric, Pick a Bunch, and yards of an adorable print for the girls. And chocolate. Lots of it. From my fave two stores: Trader Joes and IKEA. How could she know?! Plus stickers and notions, and treats for the girls. It really is amazing.

The piece de resistance? A beautiful hand quilted hand embroidered wall hanging. She MUST have modeled those two cuties after my girls. I am touched to receive something so personal and thoughtful.

Thank you, Teri. It's an amazing box of warmth and friendship.


craktpot said...

Aw, you rock! Yea, those two cuties are modeled after your girls. When I found them on Flickr embroidery page, I knew they had to be yoursies! I thought the quote was awesome too... it's from Les Miserables :]

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