Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pips in Progess

So... I had a windfall of winning fabric online, and I wasn't going to post about it because I didn't want the streak to end but I do want to thank the people who shared with me, and let you all know what I've started working on.

First, a thank you to Trish for my cute owl tote, from Roundabout.

But the big news was that I won some much sought after Sherbet Pips! Jacey at Jaceycraft very generously purchased two charm packs with the intent to share one of them! And kismet... the color combinations went really well with a fabric destash bundle from Love Lizze. So instead of sewing little things here and there with the fabric, I decided I'd use the WHOLE charm pack all at once. On a quilt.

I've only made one other quilt in my life, and it was a design of my own, put together from some sale fabrics at JoAnns. I love that quilt, and even more cool? My dad loves it too. So it lives on our guest bed so he can enjoy it whenever they visit.

But this time I wanted to make a "real" quilt - with binding, real quilted stitches and all. I'm going to loosely use this pattern because it is quick and easy. And I have to finish this because I don't like having things hanging over my head. And if you know me at all - I follow through. I am to be counted on. So I will finish this, and you all can hold me accountable.

the bundle that will be the quilt top

a pip inside cut strips - these will form my blocks

don't the pips go well with the bundle from Lizzie?

more and more pretty pips. one thing i love about winning things is that i don't have to choose - it's all just chosen for me!


Lizzie Brown said...

Fabulous! I'm also starting a quilt for Adam. It's my first one so I'm kind of nervous. Love your pattern.

Jacey said...

How lucky! I'm glad you're suing them right away, and I agree that they go perfectly well with your bundle from Lizzy. Thanks for letting me know!

Trisha said...

COngrats! & Your so welcome :) I have yet to make a quilt & am hope to finish one this year. Can't wait to see how yours turns out! That fabric is adorable!!

Dionne said...

Congrats on your win! Can't wait to see when you make it all into a lovely piece!

Eleni said...

This fabric is so cute!!I'm so jealous:-) It will turn into a beautiful quilt!! I know you will do this!! I found your blog through Stitched in Color Bloggers pillow of the month, I' m so excited!!! Your work is great!!
I'll be following from now on!!!

Kate said...

Very fun! looks like it will be a great quilt :)

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