Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Free Cone Day FAIL.

When a warm (relatively speaking) day and Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day coincide it is like kismet. There is nothing like the first outdoor ice cream of the year. We have successfully participated in Free Cone Day every year we have lived here. Until today.

I arranged a special car trip with THREE girls... An extra girl that we hang out with after school every week came with us on this special practically VT holiday. And we set out to the "main" B&J spot in Burlington. And the line was miles deep and at least 45 minutes long. No can do with 3 boisterous kids (though I've done more than that with just Lili). So we head to the mall, where we had free cones last year, and the wait was only about 5 minutes. Head to the mall. Give a lucky cross your fingers for a short line, and arrive at the food court. To no Ben and Jerry's. The B&J area has been tarped over with construction cones surrounding it. WHAT?!?! FAIL x 2.

No matter. We can have free cone day at home. Yes. Ice cream cones at 5pm, just before dinner time. Because waiting for cones for 1 hour and driving all around town without complaining deserves it!

And this photo? Priceless.


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