Friday, April 22, 2011

April Sunshine Pillow

Welcome spring! When I first thought of the pillow I'd design this spring, it was way back in January, and the very first thing that I thought was "April showers bring May flowers". So I knew I had to have some kind of rain theme. But with all the cold and snow we've had this April I also had to put in some warmth.

So, this month's pillow! The theme is growth from the snow. I used Moda's Sunkissed fabric for the whole thing, and I think it turned out really well. You all can see the main part of the pillow is based off of my Swooping Solids pillow, which is heavily influenced by this quilt I saw awhile back on Moda Bake Shop. The cutting and sewing of the curves is so flowing and easy (ie no measuring or pinning!), it lends itself very well to rainbows and sunshine.

While I was putting it all together it also reminded me that the pink sorbet "life defined" fabric was very fitting for Breast Cancer Awareness - hope, and life, and the color pink... And I think the overall theme of growth and sun goes with that - Beating breast cancer must be a bit like sunshine after the rain.

And so I'm dedicating this pillow to our friend Ray, who is a breast cancer survivor, amazing gardener, and one of my role models!

This pillow will be entered into the April edition of the bloggers pillow party
and the May edition of the Moda Bake Shop contest.
Blogger's Pillow Party Moda Bake Shop

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