Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sewing for Family

One of the things about sewing for fun is that I don't often sew things that people request. This is mostly selfish; I'd prefer to just sew things that I want to sew - the frivolous little things percolating in my mind.

But when my parents ask? I must oblige. First of all because my mom taught me how to sew in the first place! And because my parents are the best in the world and I like to show my appreciation somehow. We are not a big gift giving family, so when someone actually asks for something, it's a big deal.

Case in point... A not so basic pillow cover. My dad uses bolsters when he sleeps and it drives my mom nuts that they don't have (washable) covers on them. So she's enlisted my help, as the one with free time and the ability to sew round ended zippered contraptions. And I don't mind, it gives me practice and I hope they don't notice the little imperfections.

From this angle, it looks just fine:

pretty fabric, huh? Don't knock Jo-Ann's you can't beat the price or the selection!

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Trisha said...

Great job! I do love that fabric too :)

Amy said...

Very Nice! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your bolster looks great. How did you manage to make a removable cover??? I agree about Joann's fabric... that 40% off coupon pulls me in every time.

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